TranslationIn our translation agency you can make a translation from/into European, Oriental and CIS countries languages.

If you want to make a correct translation valid in different official bodies (for example a translation for the further notarization) — we are waiting for you in our translation agency. We are always happy to make a correct and quick translation for you.

All our translators have higher linguistic education, it’s really important and guarantees a high quality of the translated files. We hold dear our reputation and always do our best to make our clients happy.

We make translations of legal documents (personal documents and all kinds of legal documents for corporate clients). There are different possibilities for the translation certification:

  • we certify the authenticity of the translation with a seal and a stamp (in Russian or in English) of our translation agency;
  • you can certify the authenticity of the translation in any notary’s office;
  • we can certify the authenticity of the translation in the notary’s office for you.

Technical translation, medical translation, scientific translation  — all kinds of the translations will be done correctly and in time.

We are always ready to make the most urgent translation.

The time needed for the translation of the documents starts from 15 minutes. Deadlines mean invariably high quality and priority concentration on your translation.

If you don’t hurry the translation of 15-20 pages will take 2-3 days.

We are ready to consider any wishes of the customer concerning the style and text translation terminology.

Priority translation directions in our translation agency:

Our translation agency is interested in long cooperation, we always follow high standards of the translation. It’s easy to work with us. If you ask us to make a translation you’ll get an excellent result of our work.