Languages and prices

Languages and pricesIn our translation agency you can order full official translation and notarization of the document for the use abroad, and also the documents issued abroad for their action in territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Tariff for the translation

Tariff for the translation is the price of the translation of one page.

As one page are taken 1800 signs with blanks. For multipage documents the quantity of pages is approximated to one sign after a comma, the documents less than one page are considered as one page.

Language Standard documents, EUR
Into Russian Into foreign language
Arabic 14.1 15.4
Armenian 11.8 13.1
Azerbaijan 11.8 13.1
Belarussian 5.0 5.0
Chinese 14.3 15.6
Croatian 8.8 9.3
Czech 10.6 11.4
Danish 14.3 15.6
Dutch 11.8 13.1
English 5.0 5.0
Estonian 9.0 9.8
French 5.8 6.3
Georgian 11.8 13.1
German 5.0 5.0
Greek 13.5 14.3
Hebrew 14.3 15.6
Hindi 13.9 15.6
Italian 6.0 6.5
Japanese 19.3 21.2
Latvian 8.8 9.3
Lithuanian 7.3 8.0
Norwegian 13.8 15.4
Polish 6.8 7.3
Portuguese 10.6 11.9
Romanian 9.3 10.6
Serbian 14.3 15.6
Spanish 6.0 6.5
Turkish 13.8 15.4
Ukrainian 6.3 7.0
Swedish 13.9 15.6

If you weren’t able to find the language you need in our list, please call us and get more detailed and updated information.

Standard documents are texts and documents of the general lexicon with an insignificant quantity of special terms, including personal documents (certificates, reports, passports, diplomas, extracts etc.).

We apply the system of lowering factors (considerable volumes, constant clients) and raising factors (urgency, complexity).

The quantity of signs is calculated according to the program Microsoft Word:

  • If the document for the translation is presented in an electronic form, the number of the signs is calculated from the initial text.
  • If the document for the translation is presented on paper, the number of the signs is calculated from the translated text. In similar cases we calculate the volume of the text preliminarily, taking for a basis one of typical pages.
  • For the translation from/into Oriental languages we calculate the signs in Russian.

Tariff for interpretation

Tariff for the interpretation starts from  8,0 EUR/hour.

Tariffs for additional services

You can always get informed about the tariffs for additional service if you personally come to our translation agency or by phone.

If you need the notarization you pay in addition the state duty and the notarial tariff according to the rates of the notary’s offices.

If we help you with the legalization of documents (stamps «Apostille» or «Consular legalization») you pay in addition the state duty and consular tariff according to the rates of the ministries legalizing the documents.